Friday, 25 September 2015


Imagine a World without Racism and Discrimination, Wouldn’t you wish you were in that world? No matter how many times you tease and hurt others, and mock their gender,doesn’t that make you feel hurt inside for mocking people.

Wouldn’t you feel sad if someone mocked you and called you gay or lesbian?
Well I would feel pretty upset.

Who knows what discriminating is?
Well I am going to tell you what discriminating means,it is a fancy name for teasing, it is known for teasing others about their race,age or gender.

There's so many discriminating words like
            It looks like you came out of a bush
  • Fat Lips
  • Skinny legs
  • Fob
  • Fat hippo
  • Crooked teeth
  • Eww you’re gay
  • Eww you like another girl
  • Your a michit
  • Eww look it looks like your 1
Sorry I got carried away.
Discrimination is someone teasing another person about their gender, calling him or her, gay or lesbian, also discrimination is people calling islanders fobs, or even when you leave someone out of a game, that’s discrimination.  

The only way we could stop discrimination is when we all gather together and follow Jesus’s footsteps through life, without teasing others and hating other.

I think that all of you boys and girls in here have the potential to stop discrimination and live with peace in this world.