Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Prayer is a time to connect with God?

What I had to do enable for me to understand my learning in Religious Education..............

Prayer is a time to connect with God. (Statement)

  •  Do you agree with this statement?
  • How do you know and what do you do to show this?
  • Create an infographic to show your understanding
Instead of creating a infographic I created an 'Google Draw' 
Google Draw is easier and faster!!

Here is my understanding about my assignment today!!
Click on the Photo to see Clear Shot!

What I was focusing on this assignment was......... Is Prayer a time to connect with God??

Monday, 28 November 2016

Spanish Tranlation

This is my Spanish Translation! I have been learning how to speak in Spanish, I have learnt a lot of words especially I learnt how to say my phone number and address in Spanish! 
Hope you enjoy!! 

Friday, 4 November 2016

St Peter Chanel

This is what I have learnt pass the few weeks about 'St Peter Chanel' I have learnt a lot, I have learnt that you don't need to do good things to become a saint you have to die for your religion or for GOD!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


This is my 'Wordle' that I have created for you today! My Wordle is all about saints and also about what I have learnt! What I have learnt about Saints is that they are ordinary people just like you and me, they don't have special abilities or special powers but they do have really strong beliefs in their Faith & Religion. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Fight against DISCRIMINATION!!

If you want to read my terrific story about 'The Fight Against DISCRIMINATION!!"
Hope you enjoy!!

Friday, 21 October 2016

My Narrative illustration

This is my illustration of my Narrative Writing called 'I thought I lost my mind!' It's about when me and my family goes somewhere and... Sorry can't tell you, you are going to read it to found out!! Click here!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Margaret Aylward

Today I have learnt a lot about Margaret Aylward. I learnt even more since me and my group discussed what they have learnt in there paragraph.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Homework 2016

Where do you think this Person comes from?
What symbols show you this man is from you're estimated country?

Monday, 19 September 2016

My Daily Results on Prototec!!

This Term I have been progressing in my maths, because of the site I have been using daily! The site is called 'Prototec' I have been working in stage 7 this whole term, I have been achieving everything in this stage except my factors! I am going to get my factors right next time because I am confident of myself!  

So use Prototec to help you succeed, just like me!

Fractions & Percentages
Squrs, Roots & Factors
Time/ Score
35 out of 40
3ms, 33secs
37 out of 40
4ms, 33secs
4ms, 33secs
3ms, 54 secs
3ms, 30secs

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Everyone had a MIGRATION STORY!! - Social Justice

Social Justice?? What is Social Justice?? What is a Migration Story??

Their are a lot of questions to ask about these words Social Justice, Migration Story & much more. Have you ever wondered about giving arms to other people you haven't met before? I have, but never tried because I am still young i'm not in my teens yet! Even though i'm not in my teens I still seem to try but am afraid. This whole project is about the saying which goes like this, 'If you welcome a stranger you are welcoming God!'
Here is what I have been working on this morning!

I couldn't screenshot it together because it was to big!

Friday, 9 September 2016

My 5 Amazing Facts!!

                     This is my 5 Amazing facts about Spain. I have been doing a lot of research about Spain in the past half an hour of my learning time. I am very proud of this video because I have had a lot of fun researching and exploring their culture. Hope you enjoy 

What it's like to be a Tongan??

What it's like to be a Tongan is amazing because you have so many families that stick up for you, I am grateful and proud of being a Tongan. Even though there are nasty stereotypes about Tongans I don't really care and also I know they aren't true. I love being a Tongan so much because we eat so much PIG!! YUM YUM!! Seeing most of the kids in our school dress up into Tongan clothes even though they were Samoans and Fijians they still got dressed in Tongan clothes, I was so grateful. 

Sometimes it is hard for me to be a Tongan sometimes because their are certain rules for Tongans that they are suppose to follow and never break.
  • One of the rules are that you are never allowed in your Brothers room.
  • Another rule is that you aren't allowed in the same room as your brother that is disrespectful.
We had the most coolest Tongan day ever! The reason why because we were one big family in the hall having one massive feed just like what us Tongans do with our families!



Monday, 5 September 2016

Growth Mindset

This is what I have been doing in class this whole morning! I have been creating my own growth mindset poster, if you want to see original please click here. When you go on the site, then scroll down to see the original poster. I have been creating this because of most of our behaviours on Friday wasn't that good and we were compared to things that weren't so great but now everyone agreed to be RESPECTFUL to others such as ourselves!


Friday, 2 September 2016

My Reading Goals

This is my reading Goal that I have achieved my time in class. I am very happy of all the work I have completed this week.
Thank you

Achieved Goals

This is what I have achieved past the days of this week! I have achieved so much because of the resources I have been using!
Thank you

Thursday, 1 September 2016

My learning

This is my reading work that I have been working on today, is about a young man who went into war at the age of 23, and fought for our country and mostly for his family, with bravery and courage. This lesson teaches us today is to never be ungrateful, always be thankful for what you have before you know its gone. Just like this young man in this story who died but mostly had courage to stand up for things that are right, always remember the lesson that was brought to you today. Thank you.

My Learning

This is my understanding of fractions & Decimals. I have confidences that I have achieved my goal today. I am very proud of my understanding that I have created today.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Learning

Here is what I have been learning in Maths, I have been learning the area of squares, shapes and much more. I have also learnt about converting decimals to percentage. I am very happy with what I have learnt today.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Jesus the Model Teacher

My DLO is showing what kind of Teacher Jesus was back then. My DLO also helps me with my reading, it enables me to think deeper into what I am reading to understand what the reading/scripture is about. Just because we read fluently and just because we know how to pronounce the words doesn't mean we know what we are actually reading.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

3 Interesting facts about Pope Pius X

This is my writing that I have been working on this evening, I have been doing a lot of research about Pope Pius just to refresh my mind. I have completed my facts as you can see, these facts aren't just original information it is important facts/information about Pope Pius.
Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I have shown evidence of my understanding of how to solve multiplication of fraction.  I worked with Caroline and Anthony. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Olympic Infographic

This is my Infographic for my sport I have been studying with Ana-lei. She is very helpful and is a straight forward person and that's why I studied with her. Here is my infographic of what we have learnt during our time studying Synchronized Swimming.
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 12 August 2016

The Everyday Show!

The Everyday show was an amazing life teaching act, well first of all I really liked how they acted in each scene they did it was awesome! 
The last thing I admire is when they said that Pacific Islanders have the most rates of being the most awesome actors & actress.

Cross Country Practise

Ned Show!!


Monday, 8 August 2016

Be Smart online!

I have learnt so many things today! I’ve learnt extraordinary and terrifying things about cyber bullying. I was told by a well know person, Constable Gordon.

Just because you can hack, delete all the things that you weren't suppose to post, still means their is a consequence for all actions.

What is Digital Communication?
Digital communication is communicating with others on different social media.

I was afraid of many things he was telling us when you're 14, and you are still cyberbullying then you could be taken to court immediately, you would either pay $500,000 or would spend 2 years in jail, if you do something small you cut down your fine to $200,000.

I was worried when I heard Constable Gordon tell us about how we say things without thinking about it in our heads, but on digital communication you have a lot of time thinking about what to say, I was worried because I instantly knew that the things he was saying were similar to me! When I heard it I felt disgusted of myself, I was always thinking of being the coolest but I didn’t really think twice about just being myself online and off.

The part that really got me was when New Zealand, was founded the most suicide country in all this world.

Friday, 29 July 2016

My Understanding for Fractions

The Trolls

The stars in the sky are shining, brightly and beautifully. “Shhh, please can you be quiet?  I am trying to sleep.” “Ohh please Branchy can I just sing one more song??” “Uhhhh... nope!!” “Fine then” 4 seconds later, BOOM! Lalalalala, When I was singing my friends from the forest started singing along, they are the reason why & how the forest got its name. Then out of nowhere my friend Stewart (he is hilarious) went on Branch and he looked then my brother furiously flicked it off. I wasn’t surprised at all because he was mostly grumpy! I was singing my heart out just to change his mind. I tried everything to convince him but he kept on his furious face, when I finished I thought I saw a smile but it wasn’t I just noticed it was an evil smirk.

When I finished singing with my friends, I went directly with my ukulele and finished off with a riff I made up. Guess what he wanted to play my ukulele, so I handed it to him with happiness and said, “Go on, play it” so he grabbed it and said, “Thank you very much, I want to do something” I was over filled with joy,happiness ohhh my, there are so much to describe I was so happy I finally changed his, huuhh, he suddenly chucked my ukulele into the fire and I stood there watching my precious ukulele burn to death, then he finally said, “So I can do that!, now go sleep!” My mouth dropped so low it felt like a stone was in my mouth, while my brother was having  good night sleep I was sitting there having a memorial for my precious ukulele.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Experience at Retreat!!

My experience at retreat was amazingly awesome, I really loved my time there because I had a chance to get closer to others who I weren’t really close to. I really enjoyed the activities that Brother Philip had prepared for us that evening, also I really enjoyed my time there because I had laughing moments, sad moments, angry moments and silly moments too.

My most favorite part of the retreat was the treasure hunt, it was fun and a little bit soaky. It was funny because we had to hold on a brown long paper, and if we let go then we were disqualified from the treasure hunt. It was funny because we kept on ripping the brown paper, but when it started to rain we were saved because Brother Philip thought that the rain was the reason why our brown paper broke but really? :) the most annoyingest part of the treasure hunt was when my group & I had to run all the way to the mailbox which was all the way in the front where the entrance was, and it was kind of creepy cause we never knew if someone was driving up but we kept on looking back in case.

My group was Sini,Paul & Rosrine, we were the first group to finish our treasure hunt. I was excited cause we had to do a skit for the class and Brother and also Mr Coakley and Mrs Tui to see.

Anyways the reason why we went to the retreat at St Francis is because it was our time to show our leadership and learn how to be a great role model for others.

Well that was my experience hoped you enjoyed and read more next time or stay in tune for my next post!!!

My Experience at Te Oro!!!

My experience at Te Oro was amazing. I really liked meeting and greeting others to me or my classmates. I also really enjoy having little talks with the special people that attended the art gallery & much more. I  really want to thank the people for making us feel
welcomed, and also for letting us do anything we want in able for us to understand how it works and much more.

Trip to the Cathedral!!!

What I liked about this part was when we walked through the door of Mercy. I enjoyed my time their because I learnt a lot about other priests and other Saints as well. Also I really enjoyed learning about the door of Mercy and how it becomes from an original door to an Door of Mercy! That was fun!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Gifts From God

This Piece of work is all of my Gifts from God. Also all of these gifts that I have received from God I am truly thankful for.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Holy Spirit

This is my Holy Spirit poster. What is on this is how I know the Holy Spirit is in me and much more.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Powhiri means welcoming ceremony.

Powhiri, Powhiri, Powhiri, isn’t that a beautiful word, well it is to me. You know other cultures having welcoming ceremonies too but in a different way and also in a different language. I could compare it to so many things, you do all sorts of things like singing, dancing you do speeches and finish off with a hug, kiss or hongi.

The appearance of the Powhiri is unspeakable, you can not tell details because it doesn’t have anything to describe in it, the only thing that I can tell details on is the people who do the speeches or the hongi and much more.

The Powhiri sounds like a cry in the beginning because they call out certain words, I could hear her say Haere Mai, but I couldn’t clearly hear what the rest was. I was told it was only performed by a lady so I knew it was a lady shouting out the cry. I could hear speeches going off and on, and it was taking about two or more minutes, I could also hear songs playing after every speech that was on.

I felt in the inside well to be honest I felt scared because I always thought that Maori’s were scary and stuff like that, but when we went they were generous & thoughtful. I also felt inside creeped because people kept on popping out of weird places, like the windows on the doors, they went pop, pop, pop!! I also felt a little bit hungry cause I didn’t really eat that much so I was starving like a pig that just got out of a fight for a whole day.


This is my Screencastify on my Pepeha. We learnt this during our time at the Ruapotaka Marae.

Monday, 6 June 2016

My Day Today!!

Well first of all

Well I am having fun at home on an longer holiday,(NOT) so I woke up and started to write such as finish off my work. When I was finished I got up and ate breakfast well  most of the people in the house was sleeping, (as usual) Anyways I was eating weetbix, it was so delicious on an cold morning.

Meanwhile we were told to clean up so they could prepare breakfast for those who haven't ate yet, after all that cleaning and moving around things we did anything we wanted just for now, me, Sammy, Chanel were called to the hallway to help Ella clean it up and help her make space in their cause it was so squashed in there.
Back to my day after that we started to play and do anything we wanted to, we were going to go outside to play but we couldn't cause Freddy & Chanel couldn't they were sick. So me and Sammy tried all sorts of ways to go outside, but Freddy decided to follow us where ever we went. So when me and Sammy gave up we just started to sit down and watch tv. (As usual) When it was time to eat we all said pray and started to eat Freddy always says pray for us to eat.

Meanwhile we were talking and saying that we were going to watch a movie, but first we cleaned up, when it was cleaned up we had to wait for To'a to make brownies before we started to watch. After all of that we started to watch the movie the movie is called, 'Angry Birds' I loved watching the movie because it was funny, fun and interesting too. 

So after that we were told too go sleep so we brought our blankets and pillows too the living room and started to go sleep cause we were all tired cause of our day.
Thank you for reading my day today.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

My Day Today!!

Today we went to church at GI, the church is owned by my school, St pius x school. After that we went to briscoes, the people that went was Leta, Nelcy & me. We went to go and replace one of the boxes that Leta recently bought yesterday, the thing that was missing inside was one cup so we had to repair or replace it before handing it over or keeping it. We had to go from the Manukau to Takanini for our shopping cause they ran out so they told us to go to Takanini cause they were selling some more of the things we needed to replace the set so yeah.

So after all that shopping we went to have lunch at ‘CARL’S JNR’ It was so nice we took photos. Anyways after that yummy feed we went straight home and started to clean up and guess what?............... we had the whole house to ourselves for about 6 or 8 hours, and it was fun we did anything we wanted too, especially make videos on an app, it was funny and fun at the same time.
Thank you for reading my story on what I did today!
Thank you.
Read for more tomorrow Thank you!!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

My Day Today!!!!

I just woke up and started to finish off my work from yesterday, I was writing about what we did yesterday, to be honest with you I really enjoyed what my class did yesterday even though we didn’t perform it in front of the whole school cause some classes told Mrs Tui that they were doing something else so yeah, but I really enjoyed doing the Samoan dance, also I really enjoyed learning the dance. Our Awesome instructor Alecia was teaching me and the girls in room 7 how to do the dance, I reckon she was a great teacher because when she wanted our attention she would scream and that’s how most instructors get their attention, but most girls just be like can I get your attention and leave but not Alecia.

Anyway back to my day, I just woke up brushed my teeth and washed my face, then went back to bed and went on my netbook cause it was cold as ice this morning.  Ella and Wayne was going with the two littles ones, Freddy & Nelcy, they also went with the oldest Robbie, they went to a meeting for Wayne, then after the meeting they were going to look for a volunteering job for Robbie. So we are stuck at home doing nothing but me on my netbook doing my work as usual. We are going to watch a movie called ‘Obey the Walrus’ well really it isn't a movie it’s just a short film that probably is scary well can’t wait to watch.  Now I have finished my story about my day thank you!
But their will be more tomorrow.
Thank you!!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Samoan Language Week!!

Today my class was celebrating Samoan Language week, We were celebrating it by doing all sorts of things like eating their traditional food and doing a samoan dance. I loved doing the dance and learning the dance, and I also wanna thank our awesome instructor Alecia who has been constantly helping us through the way until the very end. She is the best, but sometimes she can go overboard with things but is still nice to people and she is a very good friend to others such as most of the girls in my class. Meanwhile when we were getting ready during lunchtime we had a feed, the things we were eating were sapasui, talo, lu sipi, Kapa Pulu & Kumala. It was so nice but it was made the Samoan way which was in the lu sipi they don’t use meat they just use taro leaves for it and it tasted nice. Anyways after we ate we had one more practise before we got on to the stage (I was hyped!). Meanwhile after we performed it was like amazingly awesome because we actually learnt something in one day well some of us did, but we still did fine to others?? Then Room 4 started to speak and they presented what all the colours and stars meant to the Samoan people.

Finally after all of that we played dodge ball in the courts, it was so fun because all of us participated in it, and because most of them got out when they just got in so that was funny! So yeah then after that we went home and yeah that was all, but really I actually enjoyed Samoan language week because it was fun and I had heaps of funny moments during this time in the year.
Thank you for reading my story, wait and see my post I am going to post tomorrow about my day.

Thank you.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadshow Trip

I had fun at the trip that my class and some other classes such as Room 5, had went too.  We were divided into groups, I went with one of the parents which was Joshua’s dad, he was quiet for the whole ride, the people in my group was Rosine ,Sini, Manu, Seuati, Joshua & Kalo. Seuati & Sini were the loudest in the vehicle and Manu was too but he was in the front with Joshua’s dad and I was all the way in the back with Sini & Seuati. I was excited to go because I knew I was going to learn something new as always! We were getting dropped off to Tamaki College’s auditorium, I could see heaps of tamaki students pushing out their windows for no sensible reason. We were greeted by one of the staffs for the science roadtrip affair.

When we were inside we were doing great things like exploring different exhibits such as working out where different parts of the body goes, the centre mass or the coloured words, coloured words make you such as myself confused it got to a point where I wanted to smash the game but instead I went to the other exhibits on the card,  just to finish the challenge I wanted to enter. The exhibit that I loved doing was the one when you had to weigh the centre of the mass, and I loved it because I learned something new which was if you add a little more weight on the right side then the centre mass will be near the right where you put more weight on. I always kept thinking to myself I have learned from my mistake because at first she asked me which side will the centre mass be then I said the left then she corrected me and said the right but she still clipped my card so yeah.

Why I knew this trip was important to me because I wanted to learn something new the reason behind this is because our school couldn’t afford and didn’t have the equipment or gear for these kinds of things, I loved every moment of it because it was a fun & exciting experience for me to experience. I would like to say thank you to the sponsors who made this happen, and also thank you for the staff who spend their own time teaching us what they could do with science.

I was really engaged into the things they were teaching me, it was really fun learning about these things cause I have learnt so many things I could probably be the new brainiest person in the world, joking. The Experience I have had was the most amazing and spectacular experience I could ever have in my life, such as the other opportunities that has been given to my class and to the school.

So after the Show we were saying thank you to the people who provided this and taught us new things, then straight after we came back to school and then continued with our daily lifetime at school.
Thank you!

Checked By Anthony P
Written By Kalolaine T

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Technology at Selwyn College (Wood)

I really enjoyed my time in Wood technology because it was really fun using new objects that I haven't used before, what made me put great effort in my work was our wood tech teacher his name is called Mr Winter, he made me realise that if we wanted to do anything such as be an architect or build our own house we would have to know how to measure, we would have to know how tall your wood is to be able to build your own house. My second time at wood tech was amazing because I had so much fun hammering,drilling & cutting pieces of wood just to make my beautiful creation I have created at technology this year.  I am really looking forward to be building new things in the future such as college, which is next year. 
Here are some photos of my creation below.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Mother's Day Writing

Mothers, aren’t they wonderful, mothers everywhere are so special to each and everyone of us, mothers are special because everyday we wake up and see the sun shining they are always in the kitchen cooking something for us to eat before we enter a day of stress. Mothers are apart of your daily life because they are the ones who are dealing with the most stress but never shows it (Well sometimes).

My Aunty has always been my bright shining star who has always led the way for me from left to right as always. I love my aunty and I always respect her as if she is my real mum, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me besides my brother. In most times of trouble she was always there to hold me, protect me & she was always their to support me.
She is the most beautifulest woman in the whole entire world to me because she always makes my day by complimenting me. My Aunty has average brown hair that smells like the most rare rose in the world, my aunty has the most prettiest style that a person could have. My Aunty is like a tiger who never stops growling because she has a reasonable answer which is she wants us to become something good in the future, that’s why she is so special.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Friday, 1 April 2016

My Easter Story

Hello every one this is my Easter story presentation, this is a little presentation about what happened on Easter day. I hope you love what I have presented today which is the 1st of April also I hope you learn something new! 

Thank you

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend

My soul friend is Rachel

Today we celebrated St Patrick’s day, during the mass we made promises to our soul friends saying that we would take care of them and commit that we would always be their for them even in times of trouble.

A soul friend is a person who you can talk too and also who you can rely on,  a soul friend is a person who you can tell all your issues too, you can even ask them for help for when you are struggling with your home learning or school work. Having a soul friend is like starting a new relationship with someone you have never met before in your life. The relationship that you have with your new soul friend at school is like you having your own relationship with your own biological brother or sister.

St pius x catholic school was introduced to soul friends a long time ago by the people who built this school which were the Holy Faith sisters they were the first group of nuns who introduced soul friends to our school, we have been modeling this tradition from Ireland since 1958, all the way to this year we are in now.  

The soul friends tradition that we have modeled for so many years was from the island Ireland.
We have certain things to do like we have mass together and we also make promises to each other, it is those kind of questions like are you going to commit to look after your soul friend and much more.

My Soul Friend is Rachel, she is a kind, active and she is a sweet person. She likes to talk about her learning and she likes to play a lot, she is a wonderful person her favourite colour is purple and she likes to eat lollies & snacks. Rachel is loud only around me, she is a confident little girl but she never shows it in front of people.

Below is an beautiful & special present that I have got from my wonderful Soul Friend Rachel.

XOXOXOXOX Thank you very much Rachel!