Friday, 17 June 2016

Holy Spirit

This is my Holy Spirit poster. What is on this is how I know the Holy Spirit is in me and much more.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Powhiri means welcoming ceremony.

Powhiri, Powhiri, Powhiri, isn’t that a beautiful word, well it is to me. You know other cultures having welcoming ceremonies too but in a different way and also in a different language. I could compare it to so many things, you do all sorts of things like singing, dancing you do speeches and finish off with a hug, kiss or hongi.

The appearance of the Powhiri is unspeakable, you can not tell details because it doesn’t have anything to describe in it, the only thing that I can tell details on is the people who do the speeches or the hongi and much more.

The Powhiri sounds like a cry in the beginning because they call out certain words, I could hear her say Haere Mai, but I couldn’t clearly hear what the rest was. I was told it was only performed by a lady so I knew it was a lady shouting out the cry. I could hear speeches going off and on, and it was taking about two or more minutes, I could also hear songs playing after every speech that was on.

I felt in the inside well to be honest I felt scared because I always thought that Maori’s were scary and stuff like that, but when we went they were generous & thoughtful. I also felt inside creeped because people kept on popping out of weird places, like the windows on the doors, they went pop, pop, pop!! I also felt a little bit hungry cause I didn’t really eat that much so I was starving like a pig that just got out of a fight for a whole day.


This is my Screencastify on my Pepeha. We learnt this during our time at the Ruapotaka Marae.

Monday, 6 June 2016

My Day Today!!

Well first of all

Well I am having fun at home on an longer holiday,(NOT) so I woke up and started to write such as finish off my work. When I was finished I got up and ate breakfast well  most of the people in the house was sleeping, (as usual) Anyways I was eating weetbix, it was so delicious on an cold morning.

Meanwhile we were told to clean up so they could prepare breakfast for those who haven't ate yet, after all that cleaning and moving around things we did anything we wanted just for now, me, Sammy, Chanel were called to the hallway to help Ella clean it up and help her make space in their cause it was so squashed in there.
Back to my day after that we started to play and do anything we wanted to, we were going to go outside to play but we couldn't cause Freddy & Chanel couldn't they were sick. So me and Sammy tried all sorts of ways to go outside, but Freddy decided to follow us where ever we went. So when me and Sammy gave up we just started to sit down and watch tv. (As usual) When it was time to eat we all said pray and started to eat Freddy always says pray for us to eat.

Meanwhile we were talking and saying that we were going to watch a movie, but first we cleaned up, when it was cleaned up we had to wait for To'a to make brownies before we started to watch. After all of that we started to watch the movie the movie is called, 'Angry Birds' I loved watching the movie because it was funny, fun and interesting too. 

So after that we were told too go sleep so we brought our blankets and pillows too the living room and started to go sleep cause we were all tired cause of our day.
Thank you for reading my day today.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

My Day Today!!

Today we went to church at GI, the church is owned by my school, St pius x school. After that we went to briscoes, the people that went was Leta, Nelcy & me. We went to go and replace one of the boxes that Leta recently bought yesterday, the thing that was missing inside was one cup so we had to repair or replace it before handing it over or keeping it. We had to go from the Manukau to Takanini for our shopping cause they ran out so they told us to go to Takanini cause they were selling some more of the things we needed to replace the set so yeah.

So after all that shopping we went to have lunch at ‘CARL’S JNR’ It was so nice we took photos. Anyways after that yummy feed we went straight home and started to clean up and guess what?............... we had the whole house to ourselves for about 6 or 8 hours, and it was fun we did anything we wanted too, especially make videos on an app, it was funny and fun at the same time.
Thank you for reading my story on what I did today!
Thank you.
Read for more tomorrow Thank you!!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

My Day Today!!!!

I just woke up and started to finish off my work from yesterday, I was writing about what we did yesterday, to be honest with you I really enjoyed what my class did yesterday even though we didn’t perform it in front of the whole school cause some classes told Mrs Tui that they were doing something else so yeah, but I really enjoyed doing the Samoan dance, also I really enjoyed learning the dance. Our Awesome instructor Alecia was teaching me and the girls in room 7 how to do the dance, I reckon she was a great teacher because when she wanted our attention she would scream and that’s how most instructors get their attention, but most girls just be like can I get your attention and leave but not Alecia.

Anyway back to my day, I just woke up brushed my teeth and washed my face, then went back to bed and went on my netbook cause it was cold as ice this morning.  Ella and Wayne was going with the two littles ones, Freddy & Nelcy, they also went with the oldest Robbie, they went to a meeting for Wayne, then after the meeting they were going to look for a volunteering job for Robbie. So we are stuck at home doing nothing but me on my netbook doing my work as usual. We are going to watch a movie called ‘Obey the Walrus’ well really it isn't a movie it’s just a short film that probably is scary well can’t wait to watch.  Now I have finished my story about my day thank you!
But their will be more tomorrow.
Thank you!!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Samoan Language Week!!

Today my class was celebrating Samoan Language week, We were celebrating it by doing all sorts of things like eating their traditional food and doing a samoan dance. I loved doing the dance and learning the dance, and I also wanna thank our awesome instructor Alecia who has been constantly helping us through the way until the very end. She is the best, but sometimes she can go overboard with things but is still nice to people and she is a very good friend to others such as most of the girls in my class. Meanwhile when we were getting ready during lunchtime we had a feed, the things we were eating were sapasui, talo, lu sipi, Kapa Pulu & Kumala. It was so nice but it was made the Samoan way which was in the lu sipi they don’t use meat they just use taro leaves for it and it tasted nice. Anyways after we ate we had one more practise before we got on to the stage (I was hyped!). Meanwhile after we performed it was like amazingly awesome because we actually learnt something in one day well some of us did, but we still did fine to others?? Then Room 4 started to speak and they presented what all the colours and stars meant to the Samoan people.

Finally after all of that we played dodge ball in the courts, it was so fun because all of us participated in it, and because most of them got out when they just got in so that was funny! So yeah then after that we went home and yeah that was all, but really I actually enjoyed Samoan language week because it was fun and I had heaps of funny moments during this time in the year.
Thank you for reading my story, wait and see my post I am going to post tomorrow about my day.

Thank you.