Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend

My soul friend is Rachel

Today we celebrated St Patrick’s day, during the mass we made promises to our soul friends saying that we would take care of them and commit that we would always be their for them even in times of trouble.

A soul friend is a person who you can talk too and also who you can rely on,  a soul friend is a person who you can tell all your issues too, you can even ask them for help for when you are struggling with your home learning or school work. Having a soul friend is like starting a new relationship with someone you have never met before in your life. The relationship that you have with your new soul friend at school is like you having your own relationship with your own biological brother or sister.

St pius x catholic school was introduced to soul friends a long time ago by the people who built this school which were the Holy Faith sisters they were the first group of nuns who introduced soul friends to our school, we have been modeling this tradition from Ireland since 1958, all the way to this year we are in now.  

The soul friends tradition that we have modeled for so many years was from the island Ireland.
We have certain things to do like we have mass together and we also make promises to each other, it is those kind of questions like are you going to commit to look after your soul friend and much more.

My Soul Friend is Rachel, she is a kind, active and she is a sweet person. She likes to talk about her learning and she likes to play a lot, she is a wonderful person her favourite colour is purple and she likes to eat lollies & snacks. Rachel is loud only around me, she is a confident little girl but she never shows it in front of people.

Below is an beautiful & special present that I have got from my wonderful Soul Friend Rachel.

XOXOXOXOX Thank you very much Rachel!


Friday, 11 March 2016

Comparison of Jesus & Fr Francis Douglas

My Learn for my piece of work is to compare Fr Francis & Jesus to see what comparisons they both have.
I posted my piece of work for Religious Education because I wanted to share what I have learnt in Room 7.

Reading term 1

Text/book: The Rules

The rules
The part I really enjoyed is when he was busking and also when he was having fun busking.
I was worried about when he dropped his violin and it broke, cause I thought that when he broke the rules & also broke his violin, he was never allowed to play in the concert.
I wonder if Sefa had any consequences after they found out he was involved with the violin accident.

This piece of work shows my learn, which is I am learning to know if I enjoy or dislike this text/book. I showed that I enjoyed this book and I disliked some of the parts because of my piece of work is most of my evidence, this piece of work took me about 1 and a half days to finish off. Past the few days I have learnt how to understand what my learn is it was amazing and extraordinary. I loved learning new things like my piece of work I have presented to you. If you want to read this book then their is a link above, if you are going to read it then enjoy and have fun.

Adding Decimals

I got all answers right I also have Evidence that I got all of them right, look at the bottom.

I had to answer 8 questions in total. My first equation was 2.372 + 14.04 and I answered 16.412. I loved adding my decimals because I have learnt something new and something awesome.
Just to remind you that I struggled in my adding decimals until this day forth I have gotten better by the minute. 
If you want to learn your adding Decimals then click on the site below.

This site shows you a simple strategies, and also this shows you other things like multiplication and much more, if you are looking at a strategy then scroll all the way down then it will say question 1 to any number, click on question 1 then it would take you to a little test.

While you are doing your test have fun learning maths!

Friday, 4 March 2016

The badge of Honour

Week 5 :  29 February - 4 March

To show I understand what I read, I

  1. I wonder what will happen next?
  2. What if it was Fai who told?
  3. Why did Isaac go to the fight?
  4. How did Miss Latu find out?

2.VISUALIZE: Images I see... The scene I can picture the clearest is... - See more at: The picture that I can imagine in my head is the part when Miss Latu is coming to Isaac, or what if she was going their for something else it is so mysterious.

3. INFER: I think the author wanted to tell me that if you are a leader you have to take full pride in your work, also  you can’t go around fighting with people.

4.  CONNECT:This reminds me of my life, I was responsible of doing something and I just constantly left and I didn't do it, I felt scared when my aunty was coming to me cause I knew she knew I didn't do it.

5.  FEEL:  The part I felt emotional on and also connected with was when the teacher Miss Latu was coming forward to Tomasi and Isaac, while they were sitting their.

6.  EVALUATE: I confess that I didn't want to read this because it looked boring, but when I started to read this it was getting interesting by the minute. What would make it better is if they make a 2 chapter, cause chapter 1 is so interesting.

This is my reading term 1, I loved it because I read something that had mystery mixed with horror in it, it was really amazing learning something new, even asking questions to myself, what's gonna happen next and so on.