Thursday, 30 October 2014

My comment to Sammy

This is my comment to Sammy why I commented to Sammy because her writing looked very interesting. Also it looked very cool to comment on. So I would like to say once again, well done Sammy for doing awesome work in class.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


This is a picture of us doing Taekwondo and I know it's kind of switchy a bit.

Anyways four weeks we have been practicing and we were getting better and better but I wasn't because I kind of sucked at it oh well I can get it the next time oh and my instructor's name is Miss Yu.

Last week I was so happy on the last session because that was the last day I could ever lift up my leg that high and ohhh I didn't get any belt but I was going to complain. 

I was going to complain because I earn that belt so much that I even kicked my leg higher then my usually not happy original kicks because I couldn't lift up my leg that much nah I was only joking.

I punched that board like that was a cheese board trying to get me into smacking it soft but noooooooo I didn't because I striked that cheese like a soft baloney. 

Oh and also when we finished we were about to play a game but then a killer buzz called Motu wrecked it but I don't really mean it cause it's just a comment that is a feedback so SORRY MOTU.