Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Theatre

On an Awesome exciting day we had the Duffy theatre and it was with people in it that was apart of the Duffy theatre program.

We had it in our school hall and the whole school went and we had it after morning tea on the 23th of september. I was so excited to see the performance, it was so interesting when they said the show was about Duffy when he loses his words.

There were characters in the show called Duffy, Scuffy, Afi, Miss lovely words, Miss Rude, Valtra and finally Miss Arthur.

It was so cool how Valtra just came out of nowhere and told Duffy that he wanted to steal his words. He put a device on Duffy’s head and started to download Duffy’s words into his own head.

When Duffy’s mum woke him up he started to say he had the weirdest dream ever and his mum told him to take out the rubbish and he took out his toys instead and even put salt in his Weetbix, it was so funny when that happened.

When he saw his friend he told her what happened. My favourite part was when his friend Afi rapped and got Duffy’s words back. I felt very amazed, it was very funny. I was happy when I left that hall.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids for Kids Recount

On an awesome, lovely Friday morning we had a trip to go to, which was a rehearsal. It was for the kids for Kids concert at night,I wasn’t going so I am going to talk about the rehearsal and what happened and what my favourite song was.

What we sang first was Haere mai and we had to do actions for the whole song and we were all shocked because we didn’t do any actions when we first got the songs. There were people that were coming to sing with us and their names were Jackie Clarke, Chris Clarke and the last person was Nathan King, they were a part of the kids for kids program.

When I heard the student soloists sing at the end I thought that all of the singing worked and the people who were going were ready for the nights performance.

I felt very amazed and joyful. My favourite song was ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Glorafilia’ and I am glad to say that I felt very overwhelmed and joyful when I went back to school.  

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Total well being
Matthew 25:36
*Physical well being. Having a healthy body.

* social well being. having family and and my friend Petra and Faleaka and also Asipeli.

*Mental and Emotional well being. Being able to tell others what you think about them about what body part looks pretty.

*Spiritual well being. Like for Christians being able to believe in God.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Kids for Kids Rehearsal

On an awesome lovely Friday morning we had a trip to go to which was a rehearsal for kids for Kids concert. The place was called Life Convention Center, I wasn't going at night so I am going to talk about the rehearsal and what happened and what was my favourite song and what we liked. First we went by bus to get to the rehearsal and it was very fun but we had to go and sit down on our seat. It was very cool and we went through all of the songs but we had to have morning tea in the middle of it. When we finished eating we had to go back on stage in our rows and get all settled and we had to be ready to sing again, I was already settled to sing. When we went through the soloist songs and there were people singing with us and their names were Jackie Clark and Nathan King. Finally it was time to go back to school after we sang Wonky Donkey. Mrs Deeney told us to go and get in one line so we could go back to school so we did and we walked fast so no cars could beep at us. When we got into the bus we started to go back to school and it was so awesome and I will never forget that day.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

On an awesome sunny day St Pius X School had their feast day. St Pius X school had their feast day on Friday 23rd of August 2013. When the bell rang everyone went outside to go and get prepared in the church to start the mass. The teachers told the classes one by one to go to the church to go and sit down so we could start the mass.

When the whole school finished going into the church they were ready to start. After mass finished everyone went into the hall and sat on the tongan communities mats inside the hall. Some of the year 8 girl’s came and cut the cake and gave it to everyone to eat, they told me it was a banana cake. After they ate the cake they went outside to go into class and get their morning tea.

After morning tea they went to the hall and showed our talent Room 1 and 2 was first then it went Room 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 that is how they put it and Room 3 waited until it was their turn to show their talent when all of the junior children finished we came next Ezra sang first and then Tokilupe was second to sing so they started with Ezra sang Haere mai he sang like a person welcoming someone and also he sang with a microphone.

When Ezra finished he gave the microphone to Tokilupe so she can sing something in the water and her voice was so pretty and then she sang everyone started to fall in love with the song she sang. After all of the classes had a turn it was lunchtime so everyone went to their own class and got their lunch and sat down and ate on the bench so when they had heaps of their fun playing they had to go in the hall for someone.

When lunchtime was over they headed to the hall and when they went there they saw a woman and her name was Linda she was going to play an instrument and that instrument was a euphonium and then she told them that she was the first Female to play a euphonium in New Zealand and also some people say that only men use to play that instrument in Tonga and she was the first female in Tonga to play that instrument.