Friday, 12 February 2016

The Falling Duck

Learning Intentions :-
To be able to find and use appropriate vocabulary to describe the picture
To build a bank of adjectives and interesting vocabulary to use in your writing.  

Use the following guide to help you:-
what is happening? The duck is falling off the cliff.
what are they doing? They are watching one of their ducks falling off the cliff, and also thinking of a way to save him or her.
where are they? They are on a cliff.
who are they? A bunch of ducks.
What might go wrong in this picture? The duck is falling into the dangerous ocean that could kill it.
How might that situation be solved? By the mother or father flying down to get it.
Who will  help? The ducks parents or friends will help him or her get out of the crisis.
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Welcoming to 2016

Welcome to my 2016 blog, this year I am in room 7 and I am a year 8, I am 11 years old,I am looking forward for all the opportunities that this school is giving me this year. I am really excited this year, because I have an opportunity of getting my level from national standards to above, because I am ready to give all I got to my learning, this year I am going to be working hard so I can get into a good college like one of a kind, Baradene
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Thursday, 11 February 2016

My first day back to school!!

My first day in room 7 was extraordinary because I made new friends and also I learnt something new. I have a wonderful teacher called Mrs Tui, now it is a new year and their is a new me, what I mean is that I am going to go up to national standards and work real hard so I can become what I want in the future. Last of all I am going to work hard in what I do so I can make my family proud, I am going to get rid of those nasty stereotypes that people have been saying about pacific islanders.