Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

What I’m looking forward to Touch is that we get to play Touch and have a coach that is awesome. I am looking forward to the stuff we will be learning and the  lessons that we take too. I am expecting that if the boys verse the girls then I wish that the girls can go first so we can get a turn at winning.

I think we are doing it so we can be fit and healthy to play other sports that we can play at our school here.
I think I will see a coach and also rugby balls, cones, students and also bags where they put their stuff in and also the NZ Touch Team. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Film Festival

Wow, I was so excited to go to movies on November the 13th 2013. We were going to Sylvia Park movies and it was exciting for me and I couldn’t wait to go to the movies. When I went to school I went to the classroom, I had to go and tell the Teacher that I was here at school so she wouldn’t forget me and leave me at school.
When we were sitting they started the Manaiakalani film festival and I was excited and I couldn’t wait for our one and it started with our one first. After all of it finished the one I liked was Room 7’s one and G.I primary school Room 12, The Revenge. That movie was about a girl who said that she was going to ruin Talia’s dance crew but she didn’t.

What I felt was that the movies this year were better than last years ones because last years one were cool but kind of boring. I felt so very overwhelmed.

St Patrick

Friday, 15 November 2013

My Inspiration

My Inspiration is Amy Ruffle why I picked her is that she Inspired me to sing because of her voice and when she acts she says anything is Possible for everyone who wants to became famous at singing. Also she is kind and sometimes she makes good decisions when she is acting.

Friday, 8 November 2013

My test for X-tra math

Hi I am kalolaine and I got a little high score for my X-tra math and down low is my score I got for my X-tra math Have a look.

About myself

Hello my name is Kalolaine and I am a full Tongan and a full English too and also I am a year 5. Also I like playing netball because I like catching stuff and also like chucking balls to another person. Who I live with is my Aunty because my mum died and my dad is at Tonga I live with my cousins and my older brother Lopeti he goes to the same school as me but he's in Room 6 and he is a year 7.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Practice Prompt 4

Once a upon a time there was a girl called Alice and she had sisters called Linda and Ashley they were very close sisters and one day they went to school to go and learn but it all happened at school.

One day they were sleeping and they had to get up because they had school and they were almost late for school so there mum went into there room, “wake up now” screamed Lisa so they got up and went to the bathroom and then she screamed at them and said “HURRY UP!!!” shouted Lisa so they went to there room and got changed and had breakfast and then went to the car while their mum was getting there lunch. So they went to school and also did I tell you that it was there first day at school,went they went to class they got introduced to the class and they had a seat and got out there stuff out and started with the basics and there was a boy called Tom he was always looking at Ashley and Ashley always got angry when Tom was looking at her.back to a class so when they went ashley wore goggles and she went to the testing room by herself and Tom followed her and then he got a blowing machine and blowed her hair so she got angry and went back to class.

Meanwhile when it was she was angry because he was following her when they were going to lunch and then Alice said someone is following us so they turned back and saw the guy and said stop following us and he said “I’m not following you’s there is a lunch shop over there and that’s where I go” Surprised Tom so they tried to go as fast as they can when they finished having lunch they went home. When they went home they saw a house and went inside and said is anyone there and then the Tom was staring at them surprised as if who would come in this stinky house so he said go and they said “on one condition you have to stop looking at me even when your friends and do not follow me and tease me ok” Shouted  Ashley and he said yes and left.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Practice Prompt 4

Once upon a time there was a girl called Dina and her brothers were called Alex,David and also John. After that they went to there home in the jungle and also there mum and dad’s name’s were Mele and Nick they looked after there kids in a house that they built with hand when there babies weren’t born.

Meanwhile they were playing outside which was called racing to the farest tree’s and they loved that game but one day something horrible happened,there little brother called John got hurt because when they were climbing he fell off the tree and hit his arm on the ground. Also he cried out loud “Help me I have been hurt please help me” Shouted John and then the little sister saw him and then picked him up and was taken home by his big sister Dina.

One day he had to stay in the house and sit down and he had to have some rest so he didn’t go sleep he watched his sister and brothers swing to tree to tree and wished he could play with them but he couldn’t  go outside because his arm was broken. After that day he decided to have a rest so he can get better so he did and he was getting better and better. Meanwhile in the afternoon they went to go and see if John was ok so they lifted the jungle grass and saw that he was gone. Also when they looked outside they saw him swinging in the tree’s and they went to go and join him so they all went together and none of them got a broken hand ever again.

My best friend

Hi this is me and cousin which we are friends and I am so lucky to have her in my life me and her sometimes get in big trouble for talking while the teacher is talking. We always use to take pictures and what is the most prettiest.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Prompt Practice 2

Once upon a time there was a boy that was called Harry and his little sister Linda and the Mum’s name was called lisa and also the Dad’s name was called Henry. Also you might of noticed that the girl’s names started with L and the boy’s name started with an H. Anyways when it was a hot day they were very hot so they decided to go to the beach, so when they got ready they went straight away to the beach and went to the car and got their clothes and went to the changing room.

After that they noticed that they forgot something and left it home so they were very shocked because when they got in they had to pay when they needed to go to the changing room so they saw a window open and then had a idea and went through the window to go and get there clothes.

When they got home they went to the house and grabbed it and went all the way to the beach again got there clothes and started to change but they almost forgot about the window that they forgot to close a little bit so when they did they got outside and went to the water and started to swim in the water.