Friday, 9 August 2013

Mere makes cake

On a lovely day Mere’s mum and dad went out to go shopping and the mum told Mere to look after the girl. When they went 2 minutes later Mere decided to bake a lemon cake. She put her cake in the oven but when she took it out it was too runny so she took it outside and feed it to the pig and she decided to make her second cake and in the middle it sunk. Mere went outside to the pig again and when she went back she decided again to make another cake. After all of that waiting she took it out and it was burnt, so she went to her backyard and feed the pig again.

When she finished feeding it to the pig she never gave up and made her fourth cake. She put it in the oven and then when she got it out it was perfect. She put lemon icing on it and when she finished her mum and dad were already back. They noticed that mum came in first and their dad didn’t so they waited for him.
When they saw him step in the house he noticed that the pig wasn’t hungry but Mere didn’t say a word. She cut a big piece of cake for herself and ate it and then she went to sleep.
Mere's Homemade lemon cake.

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