Thursday, 23 October 2014


This is a picture of us doing Taekwondo and I know it's kind of switchy a bit.

Anyways four weeks we have been practicing and we were getting better and better but I wasn't because I kind of sucked at it oh well I can get it the next time oh and my instructor's name is Miss Yu.

Last week I was so happy on the last session because that was the last day I could ever lift up my leg that high and ohhh I didn't get any belt but I was going to complain. 

I was going to complain because I earn that belt so much that I even kicked my leg higher then my usually not happy original kicks because I couldn't lift up my leg that much nah I was only joking.

I punched that board like that was a cheese board trying to get me into smacking it soft but noooooooo I didn't because I striked that cheese like a soft baloney. 

Oh and also when we finished we were about to play a game but then a killer buzz called Motu wrecked it but I don't really mean it cause it's just a comment that is a feedback so SORRY MOTU.


  1. Hello Kalolaine,
    That was a funny, cool story about your blog. Well done. How many kicks did you make it through?
    Well done I am sure I you will be the newspaper writer someday :) Keepp it up


  2. Hi Kalolaine,
    I liked the way how you gave us allot of your experience at Taekwondo!
    It must of been really fun for you!
    I also hope that you had a great experience!
    How long did it take you to write the beautiful piece of writing?

    Keep up the great work!!

    From, Sammy

  3. Hi Kalo
    I love your writing it is amazing my favourite part on the teakwondo writing was that you try to kick you leg up to the pad.
    But what happen to Motu.

    Well done Kalo
    by Von.