Friday, 21 October 2016

My Narrative illustration

This is my illustration of my Narrative Writing called 'I thought I lost my mind!' It's about when me and my family goes somewhere and... Sorry can't tell you, you are going to read it to found out!! Click here!


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  2. Wow amazing illustration about your writing! Great work keep it up Kalo!!

  3. Woah Kalo cool illustration I like how you added ever little detail. Keep it up

  4. Hey Kalolaine,
    I really liked your narrative writing. I especially liked how you put in interesting words and added a cool picture.
    Once I had the same feeling when my family went for a walk once. I got the feeling someone was following us.
    Please check and re-read your writing.

    Keep up the good work Kalolaine.

  5. Hi Kalolaine,
    Wow your narrative was really scary and interesting. If I heard voices and was seeing things I would have freaked out to. Keep up the good work!