Friday, 17 May 2013

My Pencil

Pencils are made with wood, and inside the pencil is a lead and we can draw and write with it.

Some pencils have erasers at the back of them so if we make a mistake we can just turn the pencil around and use it, even we can draw new things with a pencil to.

It is as thin as a felt and a pen and also a paintbrush too. It is as hard as a rock and also it is sharp as a thorn and a needle. We use pencils more than pens and crayons, but sometimes our pencils get blunt like a smudgy mess.

It’s wood and has a lead and we can draw with it and we can create new pictures. You can buy pencils with a rubber at the back and we can write with it. It is very cool to draw with and I love to play with my pencil very much.

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