Friday, 14 June 2013

Swimming Lessons

On Tuesday we had football and swimming but we had to go to football first, we had lots of fun even though we got hot at football. When we finished we had to go to class because after football it was morning tea. We went and got our lunch and we ate and after all that playing it was time to come and change because morning tea ended.

After we came and got changed into our swimming togs and we all were excited to go in the pool again and we all went to the pool at the same time but swam at different times. We had to go second because the people that could swim had to go first. We went outside and played until our time to get in the pool which was half an hour so we played passes then read and then we asked Mrs Deeney if we could go and get the basketball ball and the netball ball too. When we were going to play Mrs Deeney called me and Joshua to go and clean the library and the class and we tried to hurry so we could go and swim. Finally we finished and we ran back to the court and started to play again.

We finally had to go and change so we ran and changed as fast as we could and waited for just one more minute. While we were waiting we were doing netball drills and I was the one that told everyone how to do the drills because Ella taught us at home and it was awesome but pretty tiring too.

Finally the others got out of the pool and got changed in their school clothes while we were swimming in the warm and exciting pool. When I got in it I thought that it was deep but it wasn’t so I was very excited. I was very nervous when I went in there cause I thought that I was going to drown.  Juilian the coach said “listen up”, we all went quiet and went and held on to the bar. We started to paddle with our legs and we made big splashes. We had to put our faces in the water and had a breathing competition. After that we went on to races because it was almost finished.

We went out of the pool and and got changed and that was all very exciting and amazing too.

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