Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Term - 2

My favourite thing at school when it was Term 2 was playing Football and my cookie protection. Why I picked Football is because it really helped myself how to play a sport and how they can make us love Football. Also my favourite activity I did at school was my thinking key for the cookie protection.I also liked our golden time because we could go on anything but not websites that we weren’t allowed to go on.

My least favourite thing while I was at school is that we had swimming because we could not catch up with the work that was needed to be finish. Also what I didn’t like was the circuit  excercise because the teachers never let us have a rest. They just told us to keep on going until you have lose one pound and that is why I do not like the circuit.

What I am looking forward for Term 3 is the league and the kids for kids concert. I am also looking forward to embracing other cultures and also badminton and what our school is going to look like as well.

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