Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids for Kids Recount

On an awesome, lovely Friday morning we had a trip to go to, which was a rehearsal. It was for the kids for Kids concert at night,I wasn’t going so I am going to talk about the rehearsal and what happened and what my favourite song was.

What we sang first was Haere mai and we had to do actions for the whole song and we were all shocked because we didn’t do any actions when we first got the songs. There were people that were coming to sing with us and their names were Jackie Clarke, Chris Clarke and the last person was Nathan King, they were a part of the kids for kids program.

When I heard the student soloists sing at the end I thought that all of the singing worked and the people who were going were ready for the nights performance.

I felt very amazed and joyful. My favourite song was ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Glorafilia’ and I am glad to say that I felt very overwhelmed and joyful when I went back to school.  

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