Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Theatre

On an Awesome exciting day we had the Duffy theatre and it was with people in it that was apart of the Duffy theatre program.

We had it in our school hall and the whole school went and we had it after morning tea on the 23th of september. I was so excited to see the performance, it was so interesting when they said the show was about Duffy when he loses his words.

There were characters in the show called Duffy, Scuffy, Afi, Miss lovely words, Miss Rude, Valtra and finally Miss Arthur.

It was so cool how Valtra just came out of nowhere and told Duffy that he wanted to steal his words. He put a device on Duffy’s head and started to download Duffy’s words into his own head.

When Duffy’s mum woke him up he started to say he had the weirdest dream ever and his mum told him to take out the rubbish and he took out his toys instead and even put salt in his Weetbix, it was so funny when that happened.

When he saw his friend he told her what happened. My favourite part was when his friend Afi rapped and got Duffy’s words back. I felt very amazed, it was very funny. I was happy when I left that hall.

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