Monday, 2 December 2013

Cultural day

Wow what a lovely day to do mass. When we finished mass we had to go straight into room 7 so they could do their presentations. I was so excited to go and mark their presentations that they were going to do. Room 7 was studying Europe and Room 6 was studying Asia and my class was studying South America. The first class was Room 7 which I already told you about and when they finished it was morning tea.

After that we had to go and stay inside so we can get ready to say our presentation and I was so nervous, I was shaking the excitedness. I was very shy that I wanted just to watch. Meanwhile when I heard that we were next I was scared because the first group up was Peru and they were almost finished. I was shaking so badly that I couldn’t stop.

Finally it was our turn and we did really well.  Everyone was really impressed with us.

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