Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sticky Burr

Book Review:
Title:Sticky Burr
Author:John Lechner
Illustrator:John Lechner

Characters: Sticky Burr, Mossy Burr, Scurvy Burr, Draffle, Oralee.
Plot:He was not like the other Burrs and he was very strange and different.
Problem: The problem  was that he and some other creatures were stuck in a tree that had holes and when they went through they were in a hole that looked like a maze.
Solution: That when they were walking they were walking they were trying to find a way out so they had a plan to follow  Duffle which was Sticky Burrs Friend. After that when they were walking out they found a hole and went through it and was finally free.
Your opinion of the story:
Why I love this story is because it tells us to never ever to believe whatever they say to you and it is not true and to never wander off anywhere that you're not allowed to be. Also that was the 2 lessons I learnt from today.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story

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