Friday, 6 May 2016

Mother's Day Writing

Mothers, aren’t they wonderful, mothers everywhere are so special to each and everyone of us, mothers are special because everyday we wake up and see the sun shining they are always in the kitchen cooking something for us to eat before we enter a day of stress. Mothers are apart of your daily life because they are the ones who are dealing with the most stress but never shows it (Well sometimes).

My Aunty has always been my bright shining star who has always led the way for me from left to right as always. I love my aunty and I always respect her as if she is my real mum, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me besides my brother. In most times of trouble she was always there to hold me, protect me & she was always their to support me.
She is the most beautifulest woman in the whole entire world to me because she always makes my day by complimenting me. My Aunty has average brown hair that smells like the most rare rose in the world, my aunty has the most prettiest style that a person could have. My Aunty is like a tiger who never stops growling because she has a reasonable answer which is she wants us to become something good in the future, that’s why she is so special.

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  1. fantastic write kalo! I really enjoyed reading your writing about your Auntie my favorite part the the writing was when you described your auntie by the way keep up the outstanding work!