Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadshow Trip

I had fun at the trip that my class and some other classes such as Room 5, had went too.  We were divided into groups, I went with one of the parents which was Joshua’s dad, he was quiet for the whole ride, the people in my group was Rosine ,Sini, Manu, Seuati, Joshua & Kalo. Seuati & Sini were the loudest in the vehicle and Manu was too but he was in the front with Joshua’s dad and I was all the way in the back with Sini & Seuati. I was excited to go because I knew I was going to learn something new as always! We were getting dropped off to Tamaki College’s auditorium, I could see heaps of tamaki students pushing out their windows for no sensible reason. We were greeted by one of the staffs for the science roadtrip affair.

When we were inside we were doing great things like exploring different exhibits such as working out where different parts of the body goes, the centre mass or the coloured words, coloured words make you such as myself confused it got to a point where I wanted to smash the game but instead I went to the other exhibits on the card,  just to finish the challenge I wanted to enter. The exhibit that I loved doing was the one when you had to weigh the centre of the mass, and I loved it because I learned something new which was if you add a little more weight on the right side then the centre mass will be near the right where you put more weight on. I always kept thinking to myself I have learned from my mistake because at first she asked me which side will the centre mass be then I said the left then she corrected me and said the right but she still clipped my card so yeah.

Why I knew this trip was important to me because I wanted to learn something new the reason behind this is because our school couldn’t afford and didn’t have the equipment or gear for these kinds of things, I loved every moment of it because it was a fun & exciting experience for me to experience. I would like to say thank you to the sponsors who made this happen, and also thank you for the staff who spend their own time teaching us what they could do with science.

I was really engaged into the things they were teaching me, it was really fun learning about these things cause I have learnt so many things I could probably be the new brainiest person in the world, joking. The Experience I have had was the most amazing and spectacular experience I could ever have in my life, such as the other opportunities that has been given to my class and to the school.

So after the Show we were saying thank you to the people who provided this and taught us new things, then straight after we came back to school and then continued with our daily lifetime at school.
Thank you!

Checked By Anthony P
Written By Kalolaine T

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