Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Experience at Retreat!!

My experience at retreat was amazingly awesome, I really loved my time there because I had a chance to get closer to others who I weren’t really close to. I really enjoyed the activities that Brother Philip had prepared for us that evening, also I really enjoyed my time there because I had laughing moments, sad moments, angry moments and silly moments too.

My most favorite part of the retreat was the treasure hunt, it was fun and a little bit soaky. It was funny because we had to hold on a brown long paper, and if we let go then we were disqualified from the treasure hunt. It was funny because we kept on ripping the brown paper, but when it started to rain we were saved because Brother Philip thought that the rain was the reason why our brown paper broke but really? :) the most annoyingest part of the treasure hunt was when my group & I had to run all the way to the mailbox which was all the way in the front where the entrance was, and it was kind of creepy cause we never knew if someone was driving up but we kept on looking back in case.

My group was Sini,Paul & Rosrine, we were the first group to finish our treasure hunt. I was excited cause we had to do a skit for the class and Brother and also Mr Coakley and Mrs Tui to see.

Anyways the reason why we went to the retreat at St Francis is because it was our time to show our leadership and learn how to be a great role model for others.

Well that was my experience hoped you enjoyed and read more next time or stay in tune for my next post!!!

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