Friday, 29 July 2016

The Trolls

The stars in the sky are shining, brightly and beautifully. “Shhh, please can you be quiet?  I am trying to sleep.” “Ohh please Branchy can I just sing one more song??” “Uhhhh... nope!!” “Fine then” 4 seconds later, BOOM! Lalalalala, When I was singing my friends from the forest started singing along, they are the reason why & how the forest got its name. Then out of nowhere my friend Stewart (he is hilarious) went on Branch and he looked then my brother furiously flicked it off. I wasn’t surprised at all because he was mostly grumpy! I was singing my heart out just to change his mind. I tried everything to convince him but he kept on his furious face, when I finished I thought I saw a smile but it wasn’t I just noticed it was an evil smirk.

When I finished singing with my friends, I went directly with my ukulele and finished off with a riff I made up. Guess what he wanted to play my ukulele, so I handed it to him with happiness and said, “Go on, play it” so he grabbed it and said, “Thank you very much, I want to do something” I was over filled with joy,happiness ohhh my, there are so much to describe I was so happy I finally changed his, huuhh, he suddenly chucked my ukulele into the fire and I stood there watching my precious ukulele burn to death, then he finally said, “So I can do that!, now go sleep!” My mouth dropped so low it felt like a stone was in my mouth, while my brother was having  good night sleep I was sitting there having a memorial for my precious ukulele.

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