Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Everyone had a MIGRATION STORY!! - Social Justice

Social Justice?? What is Social Justice?? What is a Migration Story??

Their are a lot of questions to ask about these words Social Justice, Migration Story & much more. Have you ever wondered about giving arms to other people you haven't met before? I have, but never tried because I am still young i'm not in my teens yet! Even though i'm not in my teens I still seem to try but am afraid. This whole project is about the saying which goes like this, 'If you welcome a stranger you are welcoming God!'
Here is what I have been working on this morning!

I couldn't screenshot it together because it was to big!


  1. Good morning Kalolaine,
    I like how you told us in your story about what you have learnt and what you have been doing for learning.
    I like your social justice story when you are afraid to welcome strangers because I am also afraid of welcoming strangers.
    It would be helpful if you wrote more about why you were afraid of welcoming strangers.
    Excellent work Kalolaine.

  2. Great work kalolaine I like the way you talk about your leanring