Friday, 9 September 2016

What it's like to be a Tongan??

What it's like to be a Tongan is amazing because you have so many families that stick up for you, I am grateful and proud of being a Tongan. Even though there are nasty stereotypes about Tongans I don't really care and also I know they aren't true. I love being a Tongan so much because we eat so much PIG!! YUM YUM!! Seeing most of the kids in our school dress up into Tongan clothes even though they were Samoans and Fijians they still got dressed in Tongan clothes, I was so grateful. 

Sometimes it is hard for me to be a Tongan sometimes because their are certain rules for Tongans that they are suppose to follow and never break.
  • One of the rules are that you are never allowed in your Brothers room.
  • Another rule is that you aren't allowed in the same room as your brother that is disrespectful.
We had the most coolest Tongan day ever! The reason why because we were one big family in the hall having one massive feed just like what us Tongans do with our families!



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  1. Hi Kalo,
    I was really interested reading your great piece of writing.I really liked how you proof read your writing to make sure that it made scense.
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