Monday, 4 November 2013

Prompt Practice 2

Once upon a time there was a boy that was called Harry and his little sister Linda and the Mum’s name was called lisa and also the Dad’s name was called Henry. Also you might of noticed that the girl’s names started with L and the boy’s name started with an H. Anyways when it was a hot day they were very hot so they decided to go to the beach, so when they got ready they went straight away to the beach and went to the car and got their clothes and went to the changing room.

After that they noticed that they forgot something and left it home so they were very shocked because when they got in they had to pay when they needed to go to the changing room so they saw a window open and then had a idea and went through the window to go and get there clothes.

When they got home they went to the house and grabbed it and went all the way to the beach again got there clothes and started to change but they almost forgot about the window that they forgot to close a little bit so when they did they got outside and went to the water and started to swim in the water.  

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