Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Practice Prompt 4

Once a upon a time there was a girl called Alice and she had sisters called Linda and Ashley they were very close sisters and one day they went to school to go and learn but it all happened at school.

One day they were sleeping and they had to get up because they had school and they were almost late for school so there mum went into there room, “wake up now” screamed Lisa so they got up and went to the bathroom and then she screamed at them and said “HURRY UP!!!” shouted Lisa so they went to there room and got changed and had breakfast and then went to the car while their mum was getting there lunch. So they went to school and also did I tell you that it was there first day at school,went they went to class they got introduced to the class and they had a seat and got out there stuff out and started with the basics and there was a boy called Tom he was always looking at Ashley and Ashley always got angry when Tom was looking at her.back to a class so when they went ashley wore goggles and she went to the testing room by herself and Tom followed her and then he got a blowing machine and blowed her hair so she got angry and went back to class.

Meanwhile when it was she was angry because he was following her when they were going to lunch and then Alice said someone is following us so they turned back and saw the guy and said stop following us and he said “I’m not following you’s there is a lunch shop over there and that’s where I go” Surprised Tom so they tried to go as fast as they can when they finished having lunch they went home. When they went home they saw a house and went inside and said is anyone there and then the Tom was staring at them surprised as if who would come in this stinky house so he said go and they said “on one condition you have to stop looking at me even when your friends and do not follow me and tease me ok” Shouted  Ashley and he said yes and left.

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