Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Practice Prompt 4

Once upon a time there was a girl called Dina and her brothers were called Alex,David and also John. After that they went to there home in the jungle and also there mum and dad’s name’s were Mele and Nick they looked after there kids in a house that they built with hand when there babies weren’t born.

Meanwhile they were playing outside which was called racing to the farest tree’s and they loved that game but one day something horrible happened,there little brother called John got hurt because when they were climbing he fell off the tree and hit his arm on the ground. Also he cried out loud “Help me I have been hurt please help me” Shouted John and then the little sister saw him and then picked him up and was taken home by his big sister Dina.

One day he had to stay in the house and sit down and he had to have some rest so he didn’t go sleep he watched his sister and brothers swing to tree to tree and wished he could play with them but he couldn’t  go outside because his arm was broken. After that day he decided to have a rest so he can get better so he did and he was getting better and better. Meanwhile in the afternoon they went to go and see if John was ok so they lifted the jungle grass and saw that he was gone. Also when they looked outside they saw him swinging in the tree’s and they went to go and join him so they all went together and none of them got a broken hand ever again.

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