Friday, 11 March 2016

Adding Decimals

I got all answers right I also have Evidence that I got all of them right, look at the bottom.

I had to answer 8 questions in total. My first equation was 2.372 + 14.04 and I answered 16.412. I loved adding my decimals because I have learnt something new and something awesome.
Just to remind you that I struggled in my adding decimals until this day forth I have gotten better by the minute. 
If you want to learn your adding Decimals then click on the site below.

This site shows you a simple strategies, and also this shows you other things like multiplication and much more, if you are looking at a strategy then scroll all the way down then it will say question 1 to any number, click on question 1 then it would take you to a little test.

While you are doing your test have fun learning maths!

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