Friday, 3 June 2016

Samoan Language Week!!

Today my class was celebrating Samoan Language week, We were celebrating it by doing all sorts of things like eating their traditional food and doing a samoan dance. I loved doing the dance and learning the dance, and I also wanna thank our awesome instructor Alecia who has been constantly helping us through the way until the very end. She is the best, but sometimes she can go overboard with things but is still nice to people and she is a very good friend to others such as most of the girls in my class. Meanwhile when we were getting ready during lunchtime we had a feed, the things we were eating were sapasui, talo, lu sipi, Kapa Pulu & Kumala. It was so nice but it was made the Samoan way which was in the lu sipi they don’t use meat they just use taro leaves for it and it tasted nice. Anyways after we ate we had one more practise before we got on to the stage (I was hyped!). Meanwhile after we performed it was like amazingly awesome because we actually learnt something in one day well some of us did, but we still did fine to others?? Then Room 4 started to speak and they presented what all the colours and stars meant to the Samoan people.

Finally after all of that we played dodge ball in the courts, it was so fun because all of us participated in it, and because most of them got out when they just got in so that was funny! So yeah then after that we went home and yeah that was all, but really I actually enjoyed Samoan language week because it was fun and I had heaps of funny moments during this time in the year.
Thank you for reading my story, wait and see my post I am going to post tomorrow about my day.

Thank you.

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