Monday, 6 June 2016

My Day Today!!

Well first of all

Well I am having fun at home on an longer holiday,(NOT) so I woke up and started to write such as finish off my work. When I was finished I got up and ate breakfast well  most of the people in the house was sleeping, (as usual) Anyways I was eating weetbix, it was so delicious on an cold morning.

Meanwhile we were told to clean up so they could prepare breakfast for those who haven't ate yet, after all that cleaning and moving around things we did anything we wanted just for now, me, Sammy, Chanel were called to the hallway to help Ella clean it up and help her make space in their cause it was so squashed in there.
Back to my day after that we started to play and do anything we wanted to, we were going to go outside to play but we couldn't cause Freddy & Chanel couldn't they were sick. So me and Sammy tried all sorts of ways to go outside, but Freddy decided to follow us where ever we went. So when me and Sammy gave up we just started to sit down and watch tv. (As usual) When it was time to eat we all said pray and started to eat Freddy always says pray for us to eat.

Meanwhile we were talking and saying that we were going to watch a movie, but first we cleaned up, when it was cleaned up we had to wait for To'a to make brownies before we started to watch. After all of that we started to watch the movie the movie is called, 'Angry Birds' I loved watching the movie because it was funny, fun and interesting too. 

So after that we were told too go sleep so we brought our blankets and pillows too the living room and started to go sleep cause we were all tired cause of our day.
Thank you for reading my day today.

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