Sunday, 5 June 2016

My Day Today!!

Today we went to church at GI, the church is owned by my school, St pius x school. After that we went to briscoes, the people that went was Leta, Nelcy & me. We went to go and replace one of the boxes that Leta recently bought yesterday, the thing that was missing inside was one cup so we had to repair or replace it before handing it over or keeping it. We had to go from the Manukau to Takanini for our shopping cause they ran out so they told us to go to Takanini cause they were selling some more of the things we needed to replace the set so yeah.

So after all that shopping we went to have lunch at ‘CARL’S JNR’ It was so nice we took photos. Anyways after that yummy feed we went straight home and started to clean up and guess what?............... we had the whole house to ourselves for about 6 or 8 hours, and it was fun we did anything we wanted too, especially make videos on an app, it was funny and fun at the same time.
Thank you for reading my story on what I did today!
Thank you.
Read for more tomorrow Thank you!!

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