Saturday, 4 June 2016

My Day Today!!!!

I just woke up and started to finish off my work from yesterday, I was writing about what we did yesterday, to be honest with you I really enjoyed what my class did yesterday even though we didn’t perform it in front of the whole school cause some classes told Mrs Tui that they were doing something else so yeah, but I really enjoyed doing the Samoan dance, also I really enjoyed learning the dance. Our Awesome instructor Alecia was teaching me and the girls in room 7 how to do the dance, I reckon she was a great teacher because when she wanted our attention she would scream and that’s how most instructors get their attention, but most girls just be like can I get your attention and leave but not Alecia.

Anyway back to my day, I just woke up brushed my teeth and washed my face, then went back to bed and went on my netbook cause it was cold as ice this morning.  Ella and Wayne was going with the two littles ones, Freddy & Nelcy, they also went with the oldest Robbie, they went to a meeting for Wayne, then after the meeting they were going to look for a volunteering job for Robbie. So we are stuck at home doing nothing but me on my netbook doing my work as usual. We are going to watch a movie called ‘Obey the Walrus’ well really it isn't a movie it’s just a short film that probably is scary well can’t wait to watch.  Now I have finished my story about my day thank you!
But their will be more tomorrow.
Thank you!!

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  1. Wow Kalo, It looks like you enjoyed yourself today! I liked the way how you used paragraphs and how you expressed your feelings. Next time make sure to use interesting vocabulary. Keep up the great work Kalo!